Apr 6, 2019


Secrets of a perfect marriage

Secret 1
*Believe in weakness
Every being have a weakness but when you overlook someone's weakness  u tends to have little or no problem with them. Believe in your spouse weaknesses and try to accept it since no one is perfect.

Secret 2
* Let go of the past
          Forget the dark history of your spouse. We've all made a mistake in the past and this needs to remain in the past not present. Forgive and forget because its gone already. Look into the future together. Focus on the present.

Secret 3
*Believe in challenges
        Every marriage have its own ups and downs. Fight for your marriage to survive,make up your mind to make your marriage a different one.

Secret 4
*Don't compare your marriage
        Every marriage have different level of success. Don't compare your marriage with anyone rather work hard to achieve your dreams.

Secret 5
*No one is perfect
        Your spouse is not an angel but a human being like you. Treat them with care and don't expect too much from them.

Secret 6 
*Fight against enemies
Enemies can be from any angle even from yourself. Enemies that can make your marriage fail that is from you includes;

Third party interference and so on
Try to fight against them to have a perfect home

Secret 7 
* Let love flow
         Let the atmosphere of your home be fill with love,care and joy

Secret 8
*Trust your spouse
        Believe in your spouse actions and be able to stand for him or her. No one is like your spouse to you.

Secret 9
       Seek assistance from the Almighty. Include your spouse in your prayers.



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